Tell Amtrak “If you promote it, support it!” Plenty Within Walking and Cycling Distance of the Rensselaer Amtrak Station

For an upcoming 2015 issue of Amtrak Magazine, contributor Traci Suppa is looking for information on attractions and events taking place this year in any of the cities or towns served by Amtrak in New York State, as well as the terminus stops in Montreal, Toronto, and Vermont on the Adirondack, Maple Leaf, and Ethan Allen Express lines. This includes our own Rensselaer Amtrak Station – one of the busiest in the entire nation!

What is Amtrak looking for?

The information may be included in three sections dedicated to each regional destination:

  • A “What’s Nearby” list of sites, activities, or events within walking distance or short drive of the Amtrak station.
  • A “What’s New” list of sites, activities, or events that have been opened or introduced within the past 18 months.
  • A “What’s Not to Miss” list of sites, activities, or events that are popular and well-regarded and are NO MORE than 20 miles from an Amtrak station.

Please specify if high resolution photos are available. To submit your site, event or news, email:

DEADLINE: 7:00 PM EST – 14 January

There are so many world-class arts, cultural, and historic assets within a 20 minute walk and just over the river of the Rensselaer Train Station

  • Palace Theatre
  • Capital Repertory Theatre
  • Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center, Henry Hudson Planetarium
  • The Corning Preserve Bike-Hike Trail (part of the New York State Erie Canalway Trail)
  • The USS Slater
  • Dutch Apple Cruise Line
  • Events such as Alive at Five

However, as many of us locals know, this walk is only possible by the downright intimidating Dunn Memorial Bridge which is not an attractive option for anyone on bike, with a stroller, or persons with a mobility impairment. We can do better!  When you mention to Amtrak that these wonderful cultural institutions are merely minutes away on foot, remind this public agency that Amtrak has a strong stake in supporting the viability of getting these destinations on foot by supporting a walkway on the rebuilt Livingston Avenue Bridge. Having all these amenities within a short walk of the station, but without  a safe, accessible, or pleasant route is a sad situation. Amtrak has a strong role to play in supporting our cultural, arts, and historic institution by supporting the Walkway and making it easy, safe, and enjoyable for people to get back and forth on foot between the Rail Station and Albany’s amenities.

Tell Amtrak “if you promote it, support it!” Support connecting the Rensselaer Rail Station to Downtown Albany with a safe, accessible Livingston Avenue Bridge Walkway! 

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