What do You Want for Your Waterfront?

The City of Albany is inviting residents to participate in three surveys to reimagine the waterfront as a part of its ‘Waterfront Access, Vitality, and Economic Strategy’ (Albany WAVES) project (funded by NYS Department of State). The surveys invite public feedback on potential improvements for three waterfront areas: the North Warehouse District, the South Waterfront District, and the entire 4.6 linear miles of the Albany’s Hudson River Shoreline. These projects are inspired by previous community input gathered for WAVES and related waterfront projects and plans.

You can access the surveys through the following links (survey takers may answer as many questions as they’d like):

1. Survey on Albany’s Hudson Riverfront (Albany’s entire riverfront, including the North Warehouse, South End, Downtown, and Port Districts)

2. Survey on the North Warehouse District (the 102-acre section of Albany’s North Warehouse District)

3. Survey on the South Waterfront District (the 23-acre portion of Albany’s South Waterfront District)

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