WAMC Coverage on the Emerging Albany-Hudson Electric Trail includes a nod to the Livingston Ave. Bridge

Livingston Ave Bridge (27)

With restoration or replacement of the Walkway, this is where a trail could connect with the Bridge’s eastern approach.

WAMC’s Dave Lucas was kind enough to call yesterday and ask how the Livingston Avenue Bridge walkway could support the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail. Of course, the Bridge is the hub in the emerging spokes of trail network in the region – making Albany and Rensselaer the center on a state-wide system. “We’d really be remiss if we didn’t make those physical connections that would support those economic development initiatives in both Albany and Rensselaer with their waterfront development. And the Livingston Avenue bridge provides a remarkable opportunity,” said the Coalition’s founder Martin Daley. With a connection to the Bridge, the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail could link in with several trails on the west bank of the Hudson, including the cross-state Erie Canalway Trail.

Thanks to WAMC and keep up the great work,  Albany-Hudson Electric Trail advocates!

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