The Federal Transportation Bill can have a Big Impact Here.

“In panel discussion this morning hosted by the Rensselaer County Chamber of Commerce and the Albany International Airport, the question was asked: what would you do with an infusion of federal infrastructure money?
Amtrak, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, needs to adapt if it wants to be around another 50 years, according to Jane Brophy, Amtrak’s Senior Manager for Government Affairs and Corporation Communications. She pointed to one project that needs attention close to home, a critical piece of the Empire Corridor line.
“Back in your own backyard here, the Livingston Avenue Bridge, which is a 100-plus-year-old bridge that brings trains across the Hudson River. It’s a movable bridge, so that creates challenges in the design going forward. We’re all well aware of the want and desire for pedestrian access over that bridge,” said Brophy.”
Yes, we want this walkway. The Walkway is a critical component, a missing link, in the region’s transportation network. It has the potential to connect downtowns, people to jobs, connect the gap at the hub of the Empire State Trail and bring new tourism dollars to our region.
Yes, it’s a want. But more so – it’s a need. We’re happy Amtrak is aware of the impact this project can have and we’re here to help them make their case for a new or reconstructed bridge to serve the region for another 100 years.
Thanks to WAMC Northeast Public Radio for the coverage and to Senator Chuck Schumer & Paul D. Tonko for their ardent support.

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