How Long Can we Wait?

Thank you, Times Union Editorial Board.

On January 24th the newspaper published an op ed supporting the restoration of the Walkway. 

“Incidentally, it was for many years also a pedestrian crossing between Albany and Rensselaer. It would make a far better Hudson River crossing for hikers and cyclists on the Empire State Trail than the narrow walkway across the steep, heavily trafficked Dunn Memorial Bridge. Plus, a revamped Livingston Avenue Bridge would put you a stone’s throw from Albany’s planned Skyway park.

Fixing the Livingston Avenue Bridge might not be as showy as the shiny new Manhattan train hall that just opened, but it may just keep the trains on the move. It could be a boost for walkable Albany. And it wouldn’t hurt as an acknowledgment that upstate, too, has infrastructure needs.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves – and we should know – we’ve been saying it for 10 years.

We know the bridge needs work. A LOT of work. Perhaps replacement. Is the project moving forward? It does not seem to be a priority. The waiting has been tough. We wait for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement to be completed – with our comments addressed. We also wait for the Section 106 Review to begin.

How long can this bridge wait?

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