The Albany Skyway: The Livingston Avenue Bridge’s “Front Door” to Downtown Albany

Many thanks to The Capitalize Albany Corporation for shepherding the Albany Skyway project along. For Albany, it’s a one of a kind waterfront access opportunity. For the region, it’s without question the simplest and most accessible way to access the future Livingston Ave. Bridge Walkway connecting Albany, and all points west, south and north, with points east and the emerging waterfront development in Rensselaer. Here are some pictures from last night’s public meeting, featuring our favorite concepts. These are more than just map lines and artist renderings that tease the possible connections to and across this bridge.  These represent traction. We’re making good progress.







(Page 47, Impact Downtown Albany Playbook)


A slide illustrating the potential Skyway layout, and it’s connection to the Livingston Ave. Bridge.


Artist’s rendering of the at grade connection between the Skyway and the Livingston Avenue Bridge.

This is really exciting on many levels.  For one, it means the tireless advocacy is getting traction. Institutions are hearing us! It also means that the concept is starting to become more of a vision, and less of an idea. There’s ink on paper for how the Livingston Ave. Bridge walkway can be incorporated and connected into the existing urban fabric of Albany. There’s no doubt people are really starting to grasp this fantastic concept and it’s really exciting.

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