Thank Senator Chuck Schumer for Championing the Livingston Ave. Bridge (and Remind him the Walkway is Still an Important Piece)

Senator Schumer was one of the earliest supporters of the Livingston Avenue Bridge Walkway – going so far as to host a press event near the bridge back in 2012, calling for any plans to rebuild the Bridge  to include the addition of a shared use path. There was excellent press coverage of the event in the Times Union and by All Over Albany.

Schumer’s push for federal funding for this important regional connection is making news again.

From the Daily Gazette: “In the Capital Region, Schumer specifically cited replacement of the Livingston Avenue railroad bridge over the Hudson River between Rensselaer and Albany as a project that should be funded, if the Democrats’ plan is approved. Parts of that bridge are more than 115 years old, and its condition slows passenger trains coming to and leaving the Albany-Rensselaer Amtrak station.”

The article, and Mr. Schumer’s press release didn’t mention the walkway by name (hey, it happens) but we remain confident that Senator Schumer is still as supportive of the walkway as he was on that wonderfully sunny day back in May, 2012. Still, it would not hurt to thank the the Senator for his support for the walkway and urge him to continue. Contact the senator here.

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