Bloomberg City Lab touts the Benefits of the Red carpet to the Livingston Avenue Bridge

“To reconnect the city and the river, some offbeat workarounds are in order,” writes Bloomberg.

Well…. yea. But grander things await. We’ve been at it for a decade, shouting from the mountain tops – the Livingston Ave. Bridge is the most impactful waterfront project the region could achieve. While we watch the Skyway unroll, we’re optimistic but the excitement is tempered. Will it be a decade more?

Unfortunately,  Bloomberg didn’t cover the Livingston Avenue Bridge in their article ( Maybe they ran out of space? Either way, we’re glad to see the coverage of waterfront connections, big ideas.

Next time, Bloomberg, perhaps you can cover the world the Livingston Ave. Bridge would connect us to. The ramp will soon be done – The Bridge is long overdue.

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