Albany Bike Master Plan Touts the Livingston Ave. Bridge’s Potential

Yesterday, on Bike to Work Day, Mayor Kathy Sheehan, County Executive Daniel McCoy, County Legislator Carolyn McLaughlin, community members, and alternative transportation advocates announced the release of the updated Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan that provides a vision and practical suggestions for how to make the City more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly. The Master Plan recommends over 40 miles of bicycle boulevards, 30 miles of protected bike lanes, and approximately 20 miles of multi-use paths in the City.
The master plan, available at, as an Alignment to Be Determined in it’s “Proposed Bike Network” Albany certainly understands the value of a restored walkway (the council unanimously supports it’s rehabilitation) and so we’re optimistic the City will continue to advocate for this important piece of transportation infrastructure. 
See event Video here: (and listen for the Mayor’s “Easter egg” comment about the future of the Bridge)

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